Saturday, October 8, 2016

Liberty Bravo Premium Quality Colored Pencils

This set of watercolor pencils includes 24 shades in total.

The colors included are:

Clay Yellow
Light Brown
Medium Brown
Dark Brown
Dark Blue
Ocean Blue
Light Blue
Dark Green
Emerald Green
Yellow Green
Light Yellow
Golden Yellow
Cherry Red
Blue Violet
Dark Pink

The colors are very nice and blend really well. They color smoothly and have good pigment. I like how the top end of the pencils are colored so you can easily tell what color each one is.

These pencils came in a nice tin. The lid opens and shuts easily. There is a hinge on the top so the lid can never come off completely. There is a plastic tray inside to hold the pencils in place. I really like this tin holder! There is a piece of thin foam inside on top of the pencils. This was a great idea for shipping so they wouldn't get broke in shipping.

They all came presharpened. I have sharpened a few since using them and they sharpen well. The pencils are not round. They have 6 sides to them. Being made this way is nice because they won't roll around when you lay them down and I like the feel of them in my hand with this shape. I am enjoying using them in adult coloring books.

On the front of the case it shows a paint brush, but one was not included.

I like how the company offers a money back guarantee.

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I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion, and a review of my experience.

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