Saturday, October 8, 2016

CreooGo Canvas Pencil Wrap, Pencils Roll Pouch Case Hold For 72 Colored Pencils

I received this pencil holder in the UK print and it holds 72 pencils. The UK print is very colorful and pretty. It came with 3 pairs of beads in different patterns so you could pick which you like best and add to the strings for decoration.

I am very impressed with it in all ways. It is very well made with a durable material. All the pencil slots are uniform in size and hold the pencils securely. All the stitching is perfect. I don't see any loose ends or skipped stitches. I love handmade items because they usually are better made then a factory manufactured item.

There is a larger slot to hold larger items on each side of it. I like how there is a flap on the bottom to protect the pencil points. It rolls up nicely and is easy to tie shut. I like being able to keep my pencils in this so I can keep them all in a certain order going by their shades. When I keep them in the box they came in its harder to do that. This roll is great!

Please note: I put my pencils in this for the pictures to show you how it would look. Pencils were not included with this.

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I received this item in exchange for my honest opinion, and a review of my experience.

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