Saturday, October 8, 2016

10 Pack Solar Powered LED Accent Outdoor Garden Path Lights

This purchase included 10 solar powered lights for outdoor use. They are made of plastic so are quite lightweight. You have to put them together which only took minutes. Each light has the top light part, 2 pieces for the center and then a spike portion for the bottom that goes into the ground.
You can choose if you want to use one or two center pieces depending on the height you wanted them to have. I chose to use both.

Be careful when putting these into the ground. One was kinda tough and I should have chose a different spot but instead I pushed a little harder and the spike portion broke off. I was still able to put it into the ground a few inches from where I initially tried and it is standing fine.

I installed these 2 weeks ago and they are still working well. I had a few solar lights in the past that were similar to these that didn't make it past a few days and had died so these are good. I placed a few out back around my hot tub, a few around my front porch, and one at the end of our driveway so our teen daughter would be able to see better when backing her car into the driveway and wouldn't keep backing up into our bushes that run along the side of our driveway. She loves it! In the last 2 weeks she parked perfectly. LOL

They are not SUPER bright but they give off enough light so you can see where your walking or in my daughters case how your parking.

I like how these are solar powered so no need to worry about charging or changing batteries.

The seller offers a 12 month warranty.

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I received this item at a discount or free in exchange for my honest opinion, and a review of my experience.

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